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 A life-changing investment: A look back at your impact in 2019  
Dear Parelli Foundation Supporter,

   We are excited and proud to bring you our 2019 Annual Report. This past year has been a truly incredible one for the Parelli Foundation; one that we hope you, as our dedicated supporter, are really proud of too.

You’ll see the enormous impact made through the Foundation’s programs and other efforts in the past year while perusing our Annual Report.
All of these efforts contribute to our ultimate goal of touching and, quite literally, changing more lives through natural horsemanship education. In 2019 we truly made a strong push towards promoting and strengthening natural horsemanship with our goals and objectives, which encompassed strategies both old and new. This combination made for a banner year for the Foundation!

We consider the work we at the Foundation do not only lifechanging for horses and humans, but also an investment in natural horsemanship; one that will go on to impact innumerable horses and humans as a result of the innate power of natural horsemanship. One scholarship will have a great effect on the world as that scholarship recipient volunteers for their Pay It Forward commitment and throughout their career as they touch the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, while passing on their knowledge of natural horsemanship. The same for our grants: one grant can impact many equines as well as their caretakers and adopters, ending the cycle of homelessness and misunderstanding and assuring success and partnership between horses and the people who love them.
In addition to increasing that investment in our grant and scholarship programs in 2019, we also increased the impact of our Gently Used Equipment Program and efforts to promote natural horsemanship education at public events and other opportunities.

We owe our accomplishments to our incredible donors and supporters, who have given the gift of natural horsemanship education to hundreds of individuals, organizations and equines in 2019 alone! Those gifts of both time and funding are actively changing the lives of young horsemen, natural horsemanship professionals from all over the world, and the horses and people helping each other at dozens of equine welfare and therapeutic horsemanship centers.

Your support makes the life-changing stories you will see throughout our Annual Report and dozens of others on our website, newsletters, and social media possible. Your dedication to our mission paired with the work of our devoted staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors will ensure we continue to increase the impact of our programs moving into the future.
Summer Wyatt Bacharach 
Executive Director 
Laura Donahue Halloran
President, Board of Directors
Making an Investment In Natural Horsemanship
Your donation makes a difference! Every donor and every donation is significant in making an investment in natural horsemanship education. Since 2013 we have awarded over $660,000 thanks to our incredible and generous donors. You can see how your donations are used here:
Our Career and Talent Scholarship recipients give back through our Pay It Forward Program. Their commitment is making an investment in natural horsemanship education through volunteering their time and talents for a specified number of hours in one of our four program areas within two years of receiving a scholarship.
This year seven scholarship recipients contributed 330 Pay It Forward volunteer hours to therapeutic horsemanship and equine welfare centers, youth horsemanship programs, and more.
Above: 3-Star Licensed Parelli Professional and scholarship recipient Bruce Koch volunteers his time at Spirit Winds Ranch as part of his commitment to Pay It Forward. 
Through our Gently Used Equipment Program over $10,000 in new and gently used natural horsemanship equipment and educational materials were dispersed to non-profit centers over the past year!
Thanks to incredible donors of equipment in good condition for making this possible.
Left: Board President Laura delivering donated saddle pad, bridles, and other equipment to grant recipient Equine Rehabilitation Central Texas. 
A Learning Tools Drive was held during the month of August with very successful results! Lucia Farm also collected donated items during their Mastery Clinic with Pat Parelli, for which we are so grateful.

"Thank you so much Summer and the Parelli Foundation for the fun day and the generous donation! Your commitment to therapeutic horsemanship is greatly appreciated! Looking forward to utilizing our new equipment." - Autumn O'Hara Ride-on Ranch
Right: Executive Director Summer with Autumn from Ride-On Ranch at Lucia Farms in VA
Special Events: Putting the FUN in Fundraising!
Fundraising events included our Annual Western Derby Gala and Celebrating Heroes and Horsemanship brunch. Dedicated volunteers also hosted two Equine Trail Sports trail challenges to benefit the Foundation!

Six corporate and two private sponsors contributed to our events in 2019 and we are so grateful for the support of these dedicated people and corporations. In addition, we received in kind sponsorships from over 30 companies and individuals!

Events raised over $63,000 in 2019 and our Gala was sold out!
 Are you interested in hosting an event for the Foundation? Reach out to us!
Annual Western Derby Gala 
Becky Shewchuk, Executive Director of Horse Welfare grant recipient organization WindyHill Equine Rescue, speaks at our Western Derby Gala in Pagosa Springs, CO. 
Celebrating Heroes and Horsemanship 
Pat Parelli makes opening remarks at our Celebrating Heroes and Horsemanship brunch event in Ocala, FL. This event was the first of its kind and we are excited to again host this event in 2020 to raise awareness and funding for this incredibly important program. 
Volunteers: The Backbone of the Parelli Foundation
We are incredibly grateful to those who give their time in support of our grant and scholarship programs designed to promote natural horsemanship education. Over a dozen volunteers clocked an average of 70 hours this year! We are always looking for more helping hands! We have just recently updated our volunteer needs on our website. If you’re interested, please go to to learn more. 

The Parelli Foundation Board of Directors consists of eight voting and two emeritus members. We are grateful to this incredible group for their leadership and service. 
This year we welcomed Dr. Sean Hollonbeck, Ann Kiser, and Elizabeth Womack to our Board of Directors. You can learn about them and the rest of our dedicated Board at
Left to Right: Volunteer Dan Rexroad, Board of Directors member Elizabeth Womack, Board President Laura Halloran and Executive Director Summer Bacharach at the Ocala Horse Alliance's event at Parelli Natural Horsemanship campus
Left to Right: Director of Operations Seth Burgess and Volunteer Team Development Coordinator Mary Mielczarek at the 2019 Savvy Summit 
 Our Programs
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The Parelli Foundation advances natural horsemanship education in four program areas. An incredible $92,559 was made available in grants and scholarships in 2019!
From contributing to an aspiring professional’s education to providing training to volunteer staff and horses at equine rescue centers, our scholarships and grants are a representation of the full circle of natural horsemanship education. We are proud to pursue our unique mission knowing how our work is having a lasting impact on horses and humans alike.
Above: Two-time Future of Horsemanship scholarship awardee Holly
Helping Horses: Therapeutic Horsemanship Grants
As you know, horses can be an incredible source of therapeutic assistance to people, from children to military veterans. 
$29,922 in Therapeutic Horsemanship Program grants were distributed to 15 centers in 2019. 
Of that, $19,922 was awarded to 11 centers during our regular Therapeutic Horsemanship grant cycle. These dollars  funded educational initiatives for these non-profit organizations to pursue worthy projects including Natural Lifesmanship training, workshops, clinics and lessons with professionals, updated and increased educational materials and natural horsemanship equipment, certification of staff members, and more!
Heroic Horses: Heroes and Horsemanship
We announced a new program on Veterans’ Day 2018: Our Heroes and Horsemanship Initiative, a branch of our Therapeutic Horsemanship Program, provides grants to 501c3 nonprofit programs currently providing innovative and industrious ways to pair veterans, active military, first responders, and their families with horses using natural horsemanship methods. This grant-based program is designed to promote and extend access to horses and equine related therapy programs for the true heroes of our country.
We were excited to kick off our giving with $10,000 in grants awarded to 4 organizations in the first quarter of 2019.
Grant recipient Waypoint Ranch photo. Parelli saddle donated through our Gently Used Equipment Program. 
Foundation President Laura and E.D. Summer visited grant recipient S.T.E.P.S with Horses in Fort Worth, TX for a tour and check presentation. 
Investing in Education: Career Scholarships
Equine Talent and Career Scholarships help development of future natural horsemanship professionals. Through scholarships, the Parelli Foundation is increasing the number of highly qualified instructors, horse development specialists, equine practitioners, and competitors who will touch the lives of students and equine enthusiasts around the world. This year Career and Equine Talent Scholarships
totaling $31,000 were awarded to eleven aspiring and current professionals to increase their education!
Left: 1-Star Licensed Parelli Professional Isabel Pagano received a $3,000 scholarship to pursue Mastery study with Parelli Natural Horsemanship 
Right: Career Scholarship recipient and 2-Star Licensed Parelli Professional Anna Sell received a $2,000 scholarship she will apply toward the costs of attending Pat Parelli's Mastery Program. 
Investing in The Future of Horsemanship: Youth Scholarships
The Future of Horsemanship program is a partnership between the Parelli Foundation and motivated students (10-24 years old), designed to help educate young people and prepare them to make a positive difference in the horse world.
$10,637 in Future of Horsemanship (FOH) scholarships were awarded to 18 young horsemen from all over the world in 2019. In addition, Parelli Natural Horsemanship gifted a Savvy Club Membership to those who were not current members! Awardees ranged from 12 years old studying at Level 1 to young Licensed Parelli Professionals.
Pictured above: L to R Two-time FOH scholarship recipient Garett, 2-Star Licensed Parelli Professional and FOH recipient Judith Kopf and three-time FOH recipient IrisAnne at the Parelli Tour Stop in Perry, GA. 
Future of Horsemanship Scholarship awardee Gretchen used her scholarship to study with Lauren Barwick 4-Star Parelli Professional as a working student for 4 weeks! 
"I only officially started riding a year ago, so I consider this scholarship a great honor to receive! While my skills are not the most stellar or advanced, I have a passion for horses and learning more about them, as well as improving in my own horsemanship."
"I'm extremely excited to go and study with Lauren because I know that I will learn a lot that I'll be able to take home and apply to my personal riding. I have the privilege of riding under Anna Hill Parelli Professional's instruction as she is a fabulous teacher and helps you identify ways in which you need to improve and places where you have potential."
"Some of my goals for studying with Lauren is to improve my general equitation, softness on the ground and in the saddle, and get answers to some of my questions about contact and roles of the reins and the seat. In the long-term I hope to learn about liberty and connectedness with a horse through drive and draw as well as improve upon my dressage principles. Who knows? I might even compete in dressage with my own horse someday."
Two-time Future of Horsemanship scholarship awardee Holly from Australia.
"I have grown up with horses, so have been riding since I can remember. I have always competed in local horse sports and barrel races until June 2017, when I was introduced to Parelli Natural Horsemanship. Within 12 months of completing my first 5 day Parelli camp I officially passed my level 3 auditions."
"Recently, I have been focusing on my level 4 Freestyle audition with Niko. One of the criteria for the audition was flying lead changes bridleless. The weeks leading up to filming the audition I had been playing with these leads, thinking a lot about my seat, body position and intention, setting him up for success for the change. We had the result of a flying lead change bridleless, I couldn’t believe it. 7 weeks later, I got an email I had been waiting for. I had passed my level 4 Freestyle audition with a 4+!"
"With a huge thank you to Parelli Foundation for assisting with costs for my audition, David Grace Horsemanship Licensed 5-Star Parelli Professional, mum for filming all my auditions and everyone one who has helped and supported me."
Healing Horses: Horse Welfare Grants
Horse Welfare Program grants fund education initiatives for horse rescue centers, improving the welfare of equines, increasing adoptability and raising awareness of how natural horsemanship can help ensure rescued horses have a future. Horse Welfare grants totaling $21,000 benefited 7 centers in 2019.
Grants helped provide professional training to equines and the public, including potential adopters. You can see how these grants were used to help horses and other equines in need at our Inspirational Stories web page
3-Star Licensed Parelli Professional Ashley Dudas and Merlin, an adoptable horse from grantee Wildhorse, star in “Live Your Dream with a Rescue Horse”, a 5 part docuseries, following the journey of Merlin as Ashley helps him get ready for his forever home!
This is part of the Parelli Foundation’s Rehoming For Life program.
Watch the series and find out more here.​
Patrick Sullivan of Modern-Day Horsemanship is committed to helping the horses at Horse Welfare grant recipient WindyHill Equine Rescue in Celina, Texas as well as prospective and new adopters, through natural horsemanship. 
WindyHill states the horses in their care "are given an education under the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Methods. They are started under saddle with hope that they will be given a second chance at life with an education. It is amazing to see how positively they respond to the art of Natural Horsemanship.
Our mission is to find these lucky few loving, permanent homes, and in the process, help raise awareness of the cruel and inhumane fate that so many other horses will continue to face."
Interested in ways you can help?
  • Become a Parelli Foundation Partner today and help us promote our mission each month! Receive “partner perks” when you pledge $10 or more monthly. Click to learn more. 
  • Support our fundraising events as a sponsor and receive sponsor benefits. Contact us for more information.
  • Become a Parelli Foundation Volunteer! We have an array of available opportunities for you to use your talents to help horses and the people who love them!
  • Sign up for your employer’s charitable match program. If your company matches donations don’t forget to sign up to make twice the impact with your donations!
  • Interested in planned giving options? Join our Pegasus Circle today and help ensure that the good works of the Parelli Foundation continue. Horses and humans that you may never meet will benefit from your thoughtful planning and generosity.
Helping create a better world for horses and humans through
Natural Horsemanship education.
The Parelli Foundation is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for the natural horsemanship community. It follows the principles of Parelli Natural Horsemanship (PNH) but operates independently of PNH.
The Parelli Foundation (previously named the Parelli Education Institute) earned the “Gold Level” designation from GuideStar, USA, Inc., an information service specializing in reporting on U.S. nonprofit companies. Out of 1.5 million nonprofits, fewer than 5,000 have achieved Gold Level status. Donors to the Parelli Foundation can be assured their investments are being used wisely and appropriately, with contributions tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
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